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Overhead Triple Fan Ionizer

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Features include:

  • Piezoelectric high-frequency AC corona discharge Ionizing method
  • Electrode needles: Inconel
  • Maintains an ion balance of ±5 V using a piezoelectric transformer and capacitive-coupled electrode needles (patent pending)
  • Includes 24 VDC 300 mA service power supply
  • The electrode needle plate is removable for improved maintenance
  • Includes a terminal for externally outputting warning signal to be installed in machines

(Not available in Canada)

Ion Generation Method  High Voltage AC Corona Discharge
Applied Voltage  AC 2.4kV
Input Voltage  DC 24V  ±5% (50/60Hz) 1200mA (max)
Dimensions  WITH STAND: 7.9"x6.0"x3.7" (200x151x95mm) H x W x D
 NO STAND: 7.0"x5.6"x3.4" (180x142x87mm) H x W x D
Weight  3.1 lbs (1.4Kg)
Airflow  3.4m3/min (max)
Noise Emission  58dBA (Measured at 3.3ft / 1m)
Ozone Generation  0.05ppm or less (measured at 1.97" / 50mm in front of unit)
Working Temp. Range /
Working Humidity Range
 41~140°F / 35~65% RH (non-condensing, non-freezing)
  5~60°C / 35~65% RH (non-condensing, non-freezing)
Static Eliminating Time  See PERFORMANCE
Ion Balance  Within ± 5V, Decay Time: 1.8sec or less
Distance from Target Area  See PERFORMANCE

 3F-12-E Static Removal Performance

3F-12-E Static Removal Performance Chart

 3F-12-E Dimensions

Example Use of the 3F-12-E Overhead Ionizer


Electrode Needle Plate
F-12EH Electrode Needle Plate

F-12EF Filter
Power Supply
AD24-IT19 Power Supply

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