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Ionizing Mini-Fan with Stand

Price per Unit (piece): from $ 757.00

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Features include:

  • Highly reliable piezoelectric AC method is adopted for superior ion balance within ±10V
  • Interior LED light allows you to visually inspect the electrode needle for dirt and dust contamination
  • Included stand allows unit to be installed in many locations and at a suitable angle
  • Compact and space saving design is ideal for installation on cell production benches
  • Low voltage 24V DC power supply minimizes electrical leakage and interference with nearby devices
  • By detaching the louver, the needles can be easily cleaned. Electrode needles automatically shut off when stopper is removed.
  • Highly efficient Piezoelectric high-frequency AC corona discharge ionizing method minimizes ozone production
  • Warning indicator notifies you if the fan locks up or abnormally high voltage is detected. LED lamp notifies you in case of abnormalities. Also, its safety mechanism automatically stops the fan and ion generation when the louver is taken off.
  • Adjustable fan speed with HIGH and LOW settings

(Not available in Canada)
F6CL-E Panel Display
F6CL-E LED Light to Visually Inspect Electrode Needles
F6CL-E Electrode is Easily Removed

Ion Generation Method High Voltage AC Corona Discharge
Output Voltage AC 3.5kV
Input Voltage DC 24V ±5% 253mA (typ.)
Dimensions NO CLIP: 5.1"x3.1"x3.2" (131x77x81mm) H x W x D
Weight (with CLIP) 1.1 lbs (514g)
Fan Speed HI: 0.87m3/min (max) / LOW: 0.4m3/min
Noise Emission HI: 58.5dB / LOW: 40.4dB
Ozone Generation 0.05ppm or less (measured at 1.97" / 50mm in front of unit)
Working Temp. Range /
Working Humidity Range
41~104°C / 35~65% RH (no condensation, no freezing)
5~40°C / 35~65% RH (no condensation, no freezing)
Distance from Target 5.9"~23.6" (150~600mm)
Static Eliminating Time See PERFORMANCE
Ion Balance Within ± 10V (measured at 11.8"/300mm from device)
Replacement Parts See ACCESSORIES

F6CL-E Static Removal Performance
Charged plate monitor:TREK 158, which conforms to ANSI EOS/ESD S3.1, was used for measurement.
Measurement conditions: Max. fan speed, Temperature: 25℃, Humidity: 50%

Top: Ion balance
Middle: Decay time required for static discharge from +1000V to +100V
Bottom: Decay time required for static discharge from –1000V to –100V

* Static electricity erasing capability values given in this catalog were obtained in our measurement environment. Your results may differ depending on the operating environment.

Electrode Needle Unit
F-6H Electrode Needle Unit for F6CL-E Static Elliminator

Power Supply
AD24-ITF6-E Power Supply for F6CL-E Static Elliminator


F6ST-E Static Eraser Dimensions

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