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Fan-type Ionizer with Integrated Sensor

Price per Unit (piece): $ 1,156.93

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(Ion balance Sensor, Fan Type Ionizer)

VESSEL’s New SFQ9-E static eraser is equipped with an ultra-small piezo element and a microcomputer control which produces the best performance in its class.

alt    SFQ9-E Features a LED to help You Visually Inspect the Electrode Needles for Contamination
Ion balance indicator illuminates to inform the operator of any irregularity within the ion balance. A red warning light indicates that maintenance is needed or that it’s time to clean or replace the electrode needle unit. AN INDUSTRY FIRST!
Features a high-brightness LED to help you to visually inspect the discharge electrode for any contamination

Other features include:

  • Proprietary feedback sensor maintains a highly accurate ion balance of ± 5V or less
  • A high-brightness LED to visually inspect discharge electrode for dust or dirt contamination
  • Equipped with 2 piezoelectric transformers for high static removal capability even during long-term use
  • Low-voltage transformers generate very little ozone (+1.2 sec/-1.6 sec)
  • Quiet 49.6dB adjustable fan has 3 speeds speed (low / med / high)
  • Equipped with an ion balance indicator that shows when maintenance is required, as well as changes in ion balance
  • Output terminal for warning signal

Safety & maintenance Features:

  • Uses 24V low-voltage wiring to help p(revent current leaks or negative impact on peripheral components
  • LED warning light informs operator needle is dirty and needs to be cleaned or replaced
  • Front guard easily open and closes to get access to internal spare parts for maintenance and repairs.  Limiter switch turns the power off when opened for additional safety
  • Needle electrode unit can be easily removed by one simple “twist” action
  • Built-in function for monitoring fan stoppage and high voltage stoppage
  • Passed the CE low-voltage order /EMC order.  This static ionizer has low noise characteristics and very little impact on other components

(Not available in Canada)

Ion Generation Method  High Voltage DC Corona Discharge
Power Supply and
Current Consumption
 DC 24V  ±5% 340mA (typ.)
Applied Voltage  ±4.0kVDC to ±8kVDC
Dimensions  8.1"x5.1"x3.1" (205x129x80mm) H x W x D
Weight  2.1 lbs (966g)
Fan Speed  1.83m3/min (max)
Noise Emission  46.9dB (A) Max. (Measured at 3.3ft / 1m)
Ozone Generation  0.05ppm or less (measured at 1.97" / 50mm in front of unit)
Working Temp. Range /
Working Humidity Range
 41~104°F / 35~65% RH (no-condensing, non-freezing)
 0~60°C / 35~65% RH (no-condensing, non-freezing)
Distance from Target  Approx 5.9"~35.4" (150~900mm)
 Installation location: Non-dangerous indoor location
Static Eliminating Time  See PERFORMANCE
Ion Balance  Within ± 5V, Decay Time: 1.6sec or less
Distance from Target Area  See PERFORMANCE

 SFQ9-E Static Removal Performance





Electrode Needle Plate
SFQ9-E Electrode Needle Plate

SFQ9-E Filter
Power Supply
SFQ9-E Power Supply

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