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Ideal for neutralization and dust elimination of large plastic products

When resin products manufactured with injection molding are pulled off the mold, the surface of the products is charged with static electricity. This static electricity draws dust particles in the air to the product and makes them to stick onto the surface. During the painting process, such dust may cause painting defects because it hinders paint from being evenly on the surface. To avoid such defects, in painting or coating factories for resin products, static electricity and the dust is removed by way of a static eliminating system using air-gun type ionizers, before the painting or the coating process.

Traditionally, this static eliminating system consists of an air gun to discharge ionized air for neutralization, a large transformer to generate a high voltage, and a high-voltage cable to connect these components. However, there are some issues to be considered at the workshop; a large transformer cannot be installed in all sites, and the cable, which is repeatedly bent, causes the cable cover breakage or the cable disconnection, posing a risk of electric shock.

The VESSEL’s BBZ-E Power-up Gun-type Ionizer is newly developed for such applications with the following features:

  • A high voltage transformer to generate ion is built into the ionizer body
  • A low voltage 24VDC input power is supplied from an AC adapter
  • The dedicated Silent Straight Nozzle was developed to make the noise level lower in the factory
  • A vibration-resistant screw-in connector between the power cable and the body for improved durability


Additional Features

  • 10dB Quieter than G7R-E
  • Safe design with no need for high voltage cable requirements
  • Integrated super luminosity LED light to make dust visible
  • Intensive neutralization with a silent and high discharge air nozzle
  • Low noise characteristics have almost no effect on other electronic devices
  • Electrode needle can be easily and quickly replaced
  • Black housing will not look "dirty"
  • Long power cable (16.4') allows work in a large area
  • Lightweight for longer use without fatigue
  • Environmentally friendly product complies with RoHS standards
 BB-Z Removes Static for Automobile Painting Preparations
 BB-Z for Removing Static from Large Items
Preparation of Large Items
The BBZ-E was designed specifically for the removal of dust and static from the surfaces of large items
 Internal Components of Vessel G7 and BBZ Series Ionizers
No External Power Transformers
The ion beam gun has a built-in, compact high-voltage transformer and does not require the space for a conventional external power transformer.

(Not available in Canada)

Input Voltage  DC 24V  ±5%
Power Consumption  74mA (typ.) with LED Illuminated
Ion Balance  Within ±10V (87psi at 6") [measured values]
Air Pressure  14.5~87psi
Weight  0.44 lb
Working Temp. Range  41~104°F / 35~65% RH (no dewing)
Working Humidity Range  32~140°F / 35~85% RH (no dewing)
Decay Time
 ±1000V~±100V, within 0.5sec, 87psi/6"  [measured values]

  Power: Green LED
   HV Alarm: Red LED

Light   LED
Warning Output   High Voltage Alarm (Red LED)
Noise level (at 3.3')
  77.3dBA (at 43.5psi) / 85.5dBA (at 87psi)
Ion Balance  Within ±10V (43.5psi/6") [measured values]
Materials  Housing, Trigger, Light Switch: ABS Resin (heat-resistan
 Nozzle, Support Material: ABS (with Glass Fiber)
 Needle Pole Electrode: Tungsten
AC Adapter: AD24-ITB-E
Rated Input Voltqage: 100~240V AC (50~60Hz) 0.4V
Rated Output Voltage: 24V DC 1.75A
DC Input Cable: 8'
AC Output Cable: 6'

BB-Z Dimensions


BB-Z Performance Graph

BB-Z Static Removal Performance

 N-2WN Silent Nozzle
Silent Nozzle
Audible Noise is Reduced 10dB
(down 25% from Flared Nozzle)
N-2FN Flared Nozzle

Flared Nozzle
N-2TN Tube Adapter Nozzle

Tube Adapter Nozzle
 G-7H Electrode Needle
Electrode Needle
 G-7DR Electrode Needle Removal Tool
Electrode Tool
 G-7F Inline Micro Air Filter
Micro Inline Air Filter
Removes at least 99% of
particles with a Ø0.01µm
 G-7SC Speed Controller

Speed Controller
 G-7EC Relay Cable
Relay Cable
 AD-24-ITC-E Transformer
Power Transformer

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BBZ-E Static Eliminator Ion Gun Flyer    

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