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Pulse Air Controller for N-2, G7R-E, and B Series Ionizers

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Slash your air consumption by 60%!

  •  Connect the controller to other ionizers to erase static electricity and eliminate dust efficiently with pulse air.
  • Pulse mode reduces air consumption by 60% compared to continuous mode operation. The controller can be switched between pulse mode and continuous mode.
  • Bursts of air vibrate dust and forcibly dislodge it. Burst time can be switched between two settings.
  • Can be used in conjunction with bar- and nozzle-type ionizers as well as other equipment. Additionally, the controller can be used to power the G7R-E using a special connector cable.


Pulse Mode Saves 60% Air Consumption over Continuous Air Blowing Pulse Mode More Efficiently Removes Dust PAC-8 Being Used with a G7R-E Ion Gun

  (Not available in Canada)

 PAC-8 Pulse Modes
PAC-8 Continuous Mode

Input Voltage  DC 24V  ±5% 70mA (PAC-8 ONLY!)
Power Consumption
 1.3 lbs (610g)
Power Output
Input Air Pressure
 8mm x 6mm
Air Flow Volume
Air Tube
 Outer: Ø 8mm
Ø 6mm
Applied Fluid
Operating Temperature & Humidity  41~104°F / 35~65% RH (no condensation, no freezing)
 5~40°C / 35~65% RH (no condensation, no freezing)
Storage Temperature &
 32~140°F / 35~65% RH (no condensation, no freezing)
0~60°C / 35~85% RH (no condensation, no freezing)
Weight  1.34lbs (610g)
Dimensions  See DIMENSIONS
Housing Material  SPCC & Paint


 PAC-* Airflow

 PAC-8 Pulse Air Controller Dimensions


How to Connect the PAC-8 to G7, N-2, and B Series Ionizers
* PAC-8 can only be connected to G-7R, and is not compatible with previous version (G-7) * The input air pressure to pulse ionizing bars should be 0.2MPa or lower when connected to PAC-8




Power Supply
AD24-ITC-E Power Supply for PAC-8 Pulse Air Controller

Optional Connection Cable
G-7RC Cable to Connect G-7RE to PAC-8 Pulse Air Controller

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