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Slim and Compact AC Pulse Ion Bars

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Features include:

  • Pulse AC corona discharge Ionizing method
  • Tungsten Electrode needles
  • The ion balance can be adjusted by varying the pulse ratio
  • Compact, 30 mm×33 mm unit is ideal for installation in devices where space is limited
  • A single power supply unit can be used to power multiple bars by adding a branch box
  • Air supply is easily configured using 6 mm dia. tubing
  • The high-voltage cable can be disconnected from the bar (SH-30, SH-40)
  • The high-voltage cable uses a safe, silicon-insulated design
  • Includes a safety circuit that shuts down the device if a high current flows to the electrode wires or the transformer experiences a high-voltage malfunction

(Not available in Canada)
 SH Series Ion Bars Adjustable Mounting Bracket

Applied Voltage  5.25kVAC
Air Supply Hose Diameter  6mm x 4mm
Air Supply  Clean, dry air or nitrogen (N2) (0.5 MPa)
Operating Range
 About 2" to 79" (50mm to 2000mm)
 (air assist used for larger distances)

Ozone Generation  0.005ppm or less (measured at 2" / 50mm from device ar 0.3MPa)
Working Temp. Range /
Working Humidity Range
 41~131°C / 35~65% RH (no condensation, no freezing)
 5~55°C / 25~85% RH (no condensation, no freezing)


SH Series Ion Bar Static Removal Performance

Ion Balance: Within ±10V, Decay time 3.0sec or less

* Static electricity erasing capability values given were obtained in our measurement environment. Your results may differ depending on the operating environment.


SH Series Ion Bars Dimensions

Example Use of the SH Series Ion Bars


Power Supply
Power Supply for SH Series Ion Bars

  • Input power supply: 100 to 240 VAC, 50/60 Hz
  • Power consumption: 10 W
  • Frequency: 30 Hz, fixed
  • Pulse ratio: Positive range: 40% to 70% / Negative range: 60% to 30%


The industry's lightest at just 3.3lbs (1.5kg), this unit provides two high-output sockets that can be connected to bars for convenient installation and wiring.

When connecting two bars, the bars can be connected directly to the power unit, eliminating the need for special connectors and complex wiring.
SH-SG Pulse Ratio Adjustments

Power Branch Box
Branch Box for SH Series Ion Bars

 Relay Cables
Relay Cables for SH Series Ion Bars

Example Wiring:

Using a SH-SP2 branch Box and SH-EC3 Relay Cable
SH Series Ion Bar Wiring Example 1

Using a SH-SP2 branch Box and SH-EC5 Relay Cable
SH Series Ion Bar Wiring Example 2
Power supply cable (relay cable) length cannot exceed a total of (16m) to the two high-voltage sockets (A & B)

Up to four SH bars can be connected from a single SH-G3 power supply unit



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