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ESD Mats
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ESD Mats


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EPA Conductive Rubber Working Mat

EPA Working Mat VESSEL’s conductive rubber mats are great for workbenches or storage shelves that require anti-static measures for semiconductors or electronic equipment.  These EPA working mats have conductivity rating of 10MΩ to 10GΩ.



  • Uniform and stable conductivity performance
  • Good heat resistance to support soldering work
  • Edges do no warp (Hardness A Type 64)
  • Low reflectivity, easy on the eyes, and no-gloss surface finish
  • Comes in three roll lengths of 2, 5, and 10m.  Simply cut off what you need
  • Conductivity rating of 10MΩ to 10GΩ


  • Workbenches
  • Storage shelves
  • Carts, wagons, ect.




Structure of an ESD Conductive Rubber Mat

SG-100/50/20 ESD Conductive Rubber Mats

LG-100/50/20 ESD Conductive Rubber Mats


Part No.
SG-100 LG-100 LG-50 LG-20
Color Green Light Green
Size               (W x L x t) 1.0Mx10Mx2mm 1.0Mx10Mx2mm 1.0Mx5Mx2mm 1.0Mx2Mx2mm
3.3'x32.8'x0.08" 3.3'x32.8'x0.08" 3.3'x16.4'x0.08" 3.3'x6.6'x0.08"
Weight 65.04 lbs/roll
(29.5 kg)
65.04 lbs/roll
(29.5 kg)
11.02 lbs/roll
(5 kg)
13.23 lbs/roll
(6 kg)

* W = Width, L = Length, t = thickness


EPG-01 and EPG-02 Mat Connecting Gel

VESSEL’s mat connecting gel eliminates time-consuming connective work and easily connects the ground and conductive rubber mats for anti-static measures. Simply use EPG-01 for connecting the ground to an EPA working mat and use EPG-02 for connecting two or more mats together.

These are made from medical-grade conductive gel, and eliminate the time-consuming need to string together eyelets.

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Part No. Description Size
EPG-01 Mat connecting gel with hooks (set of 2) 1.6" x 1.6" (40mm x 40mm)
EPG-02 Mat connecting gel, no hooks (set of 2) 1.6" x 1.6" (40mm x 40mm)

EPC-30 Ground Connecting Cord

 Works with VESSEL’s EPG-01 mat connecting gel with the hooks.  Use model EPC-30 ground cord to connect the ground on one end and the conductive rubber mat on the other end.


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