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SP 4203U-2000

Mat Connection Gel
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Mat Connection Gel


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EPG-01 and EPG-02 Mat Connecting Gel

EPG-01 Hook Diameter

VESSEL’s mat connecting gel eliminates time-consuming connective work and easily connects the ground and conductive rubber mats for anti-static measures. Simply use EPG-01 for connecting the ground to an EPA working mat and use EPG-02 for connecting two or more mats together.

These are made from medical-grade conductive gel, and eliminate the time-consuming need to string together eyelets.




Before applying the Gel, be sure to remove any dust and dirt on the placing area

Mat Connection Gel with Hook:


  1. 1.) Peel the film off the back and place the gel over the mat

    2.) Connect the EPG-01 with GROUND cord

    3.) Connect the GROUND cord to EARTH with a plug or clip


Mat Connection Gel:


  1. 1.) Place the mats together evenly
  2. 2.) Peel the film off the back and place the gel over a connection seam


Precautions for


  • Do
  • not put any direct weight on the GEL, or they may be difficult to
  • remove
  • Avoid
  • placing the GEL near high temperatures, moisture, or in direct sunlight.
    Limit temperature between 41~86F (5~30C) and 60% or less
  • humidity
  • Do
  • not use the GEL for any purpose other than described above




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