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New JDV Wire Wrap Tools Catalog


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Price per Unit (piece): $ 742.00

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Very compact with a low profile!
(Only 3.74”L x 1.34”W x 1.77”H)

Its compact design is ideal for confined spaces. With very accurate ion balance within ± 10V, this unit has a powerful airflow for effective cleaning (up to 87psi) with quick decay time less than 0.7 seconds (at a distance of 6” using 43.5psi).

The body of the unit is equipped with an LED indicator that communicates the device’s operating status at a glance. Incorporates a reliable high frequency piezoelectric transformer and is usable with compressed air and nitrogen gas. With the 6-terminal power harness, multiple units can be connected together using one power source and warnings can be sent to external equipment.

Includes three kinds of interchangeable nozzles for different applications. An optional flexible shower tube is available (N-2C6B) for effective countermeasure against static accumulation such as in a film winder, molding machines, hoppers, conveyers, and other applications. The easy maintenance design allows an operator to change electrode needle in seconds using electrode needle removal tool (G-7DR).


Weighs only 0.23lbs.



N-2 Normal Operation
High Voltage Detected

N-2 Abnormally High Voltage Detected

Connect Multiple N-2's

to the Same Power Source
Multiple N-2's can be connected to the same power source

Various Nozzle Accessories

N2 Tube Attachment


N-2 Ionizer, Power Supply, 6 Connector Power Harness, Standard Nozzle (G-7SN), Flared Nozzle (N-2FN), Tube Fitting Nozzle (N-2TN), and Electrode Needle Removal Tool (G-7DR)


Ion Balance ± 10V, ± 1000V→100V; Discharge time: within 0.7 seconds, 43.5psi at 6"

(Not Available for sale in Canada)



Feature Benefit

Very Compact / Low Profile Design
(Only 3.74” Long, 1.34” Wide, 1.77” High)
Compact, lightweight plastic body incorporates mounting screw holes.  Air inlets located on both sides of the body.

  • Ideal for space restricted areas
  • Light enough to mount onto auxiliary equipment, end-of-arm-tooling, etc.
  • Mounting screws and air inlets on both sides of the unit make it very easy to install on any surface

LED Indicator Detects Operating Status
Part of top cover glows “blue” during operation and “red” when stopped due to a malfunction.

  • Operators can visually see operating status at all times
  • LED is very visible across room so operators can quickly and easily see operating status at all times

Safety Design for H.V. Malfunction
Stops automatically in the event of a high-voltage malfunction. Device includes an alarm output terminal.

  • Helps prevent the unit from being damaged
  • Alarm output can communicate information to external equipment

Very Accurate Ion Balance ± 10V
(6” from surface, 43.5psi, w/standard nozzle)

  • Quick decay time less than 0.7 seconds
  • Can blow off dust, debris, and contaminant particles effectively at a high air pressure

Connect Multiple Units Together
Power can be supplied to multiple units by daisy-chaining them together

  • Only one power source needed for multiple units, which reduces cost
  • Makes installing multiple units easy which saves valuable time

Easy Maintenance
Electrode needles can be easily cleaned and replaced by operator using electrode needle removal tool (G-7DR).

  • Prevents maintenance downtime
  • Very user-friendly to change part in seconds

Different Nozzles for Different Applications
Ships standard with three nozzles for use in a variety of applications. (standard, tube fitting, and flared nozzle)

  • Adaptable for multiple applications
  • Tube fitting nozzle can be used to clean and ionize inside plastic bottles, sheet fed presses, and other space restricted areas

Optional Shower Tube (N-2C6B)
Can be connected to a freely bendable shower tube (sold separately).

  • Helps ionize a wider area
  • Bendable to adapt in space restricted areas such as inside plastic bottles, on top of hoppers, inside molding machines, conveyers, fixtures, film winders, sheets of plastic material, etc.

CE / RoHS Approved
Designed and manufactured in compliance with EU standards, all tests are carried out in compliance with the principles of the EMC Directive

  • Ensures customer that they are using high quality product that carries CE and RoHS markings


Ion Generation Method  High-Voltage AC Corona Discharge
Applied Voltage
 AC 6.0K V(p-p)
Input Voltage  DC 24V  ±5%
Power Consumption  58mA (typ.)
Applied Source
 Clean Air: 14.5~87psi
 Nitrogen Gas: 14.5~87psi
Air Consumption
Ozone Generation  0.05ppm or less (measured at 24")
Working Temp. Range /
Working Humidity Range
 41~104°F / 35~65% RH (no dewing)
Working Temp. Range /
Working Humidity Range
 32~140°F / 35~85% RH (no dewing)
Decay Time
 ±1000V~±100V, within 0.7sec, 43.5psi/6"
 [measured values]
Weight  0.23 lb (106g)
Ion Balance  Within ±10V (43.5psi/6") [measured values]
Materials  Housing: ABS Resin
Nozzles: Polyacetal Resin
 Needle Pole Electrode: Tungsten




N-2 Static Ionizer Elimination Range with Standard Tip

N-2 Static Ionizer Elimination Range with Flared Nozzle

N-2 Static Ionizer Elimination Range with 300mm Tube Tip



N-2FN Flared Nozzle

N-2TN Tube Adapter Nozzle

N-2WN Silent Nozzle

G-7H Electrode Needle


Flared Nozzle
Used to increase the effective area of the N-2


Tube Adapter Nozzle
Used to attach a tube for ionizing hard to reach areas such as inside a bottle or container


Silent Nozzle
Audible Noise is Reduced 10dB
(down 25% from Flared Nozzle)


Electrode Needle



Shower Tube Nozzle

N-2 USed on a Hopper

  • Flexible and handy for many applications
  • Easy to install in a limited space
  • Effective countermeasure against static accumulation

G-7DR Electrode Needle Removal Tool

G-7F Inline Micro Air Filter

G-7SC Speed Controller

N-2 Flared Wiring Harness

Electrode Tool

Micro Inline Air Filter
Removes at least 99% of particles with a Ø0.01µm

Speed Controller

Power Harness


AD-24-ITC-E Transformer

Power Transformer
When connecting this transformer,the connector terminal should be cutoff the N-2 as it becomes unnecessary


CA116 - N-2 Pinpoint Nozzle Ionizer  

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