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Super Static Field Meter Scale
(With built-in one-chip microcomputer)

VESSEL’s EYE-01 is a palm-sized electrostatic measuring device ideal for measuring polarity and intensity of static charge on parts and assembly lines.  It's also very useful for checking ion balance performance of various ionizers. The EYE-01 includes a calibration certificate.

What makes the EYE-01 so user-friendly and easy to use?

Easy-to-read Wide LCD screen display

  • Upper left graph display – indicates negative polarity
  • Upper right graph display – indicates positive polarity
  • Lower section display – shows numerical values, voltage measurement unit, and functions in use.
  • Battery icon indicates when to replace the battery
  • LED lighting function to read measurement values in the dark


Function mode to check the static charge on parts and assembly lines.

  • “Static charge measurement mode (Standard mode)” checks if the object is statically charged.  It’s calibrated for voltage range 0 to 20kV.
    • ± 0 ± 1.49kV (Low range)
    • ± 1.0 ± 20.0kV (High range)

Ion balance measuring mode for checking performance on ionizers

  • Compact design and lightweight makes it easy for operator to perform periodic verification of ionizers, including units that are installed in hard-to-reach places like in automated machinery or workbenches.
  • Can be used to measure low voltages up to 200V in the ion balance mode.
  • Ion balance plate included (charge plate).


Focus-Ring LED lights show you the correct measuring distance

  • A measuring distance of 0.98” ± 0.02” (25mm±0.5mm) can be easily checked by "Focus Rings" beamed from the two red LEDs.


 Easy press buttons to activate functions

  • Continuous mode -  allows operator to take readings longer than 5 minutes.  Simply turn on the EYE-01 without activating the “auto power off function” by keeping the power button pressed in for 3 seconds.
  • Hold mode -  enables measurements in hard-to-reach areas.  When taking measurements in space-restricted areas, simply press the “hold mode” and the measurement value will be kept on the display screen.
  • Digital zero mode -  allows operator to adjust the reading to zero.  Simply press “reset” to adjust the displayed reading and bar graph to the neutral state.
  • Ion balance mode -  takes measurement readings to check the ion balance performance on various ionizers.


Quality after-purchase servicing / Calibration service available

  • We offer after purchase and recalibration services. The EYE-01 is recalibrated by testing equipment that’s fully compliant with ISO standards. An inspection (calibration) certificate can be issued for additional fee. Please call JDV for more details.
  • CE RoHS compliant


Static Voltage
Measuring Range
± 0 ~ ± 1.49 kV (Low range)
± 1.0 ~ ± 20.0 kV (High range)
Ion Balance Voltage
Measuring Range
0 ~ ± 200v
Measuring Distance 0.98" ± 0.02" (25mm ± 0.5mm)
(between charged object and field meter)
Accuracy ± 10%
Ambient Conditions  50ºF ~ 104ºF (10ºC ~ 40ºC), 60% RH or lower
Display Large LCD display (Digital and bar graph)
Power 9V. 6F22Y manganese battery: 1 PCE
(Life: Approx. 30 hrs)
Weight w/Battery Approx. 0.31 lbs (140g) without ion balance plate
[Ion balance plate alone: Approx. 0.07 lbs. (30g)]
Accessories Charge plate for ion balance measurement
Ground cord (w/alligator clip), Battery (006P), soft case
Applications For checking the performance of ionizers, locating and measuring electrostatic charge build-up, deciding best location for installing ionizers and testing their efficiency.

The EYE-01 includes a calibration certificate


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