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Price per Unit (piece): $ 372.37

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Electro-Charge Static Locator

SDL-01 Static Locator

The VESSEL model SDL-01 static locator is indispensable toward resolving “invisible” static electricity trouble.  The SDL-01checks the charged state of products or packaging materials.  Also, it’s useful to make sure that on-site static erasers are performing properly on the assembly floor when it comes to static electricity removal.

Applicable for checking resin molded parts, film, paper, packing containers, or coated sheet metal surfaces for frictional electrification charges.


  • The potential of charged item is digitally indicated without making contact. Invisible static electricity can be easily maesured
  • Voltage is measured and indicated in units of 1000V in a range from -19.9 to +10.9KV every 0.5 seconds
  • handy, portable, small and lightweight unit with a storage case
  • Low power consumption enables unit to be used with 4 AA batteries for up to 6 months


Model SDL-01
Range Indicator 0.0 to ± 19.9 KV (0.1KV scale)
Response Time 0.5 sec.
Ambient Temperature 32ºF~104ºF (0~40ºC)
Ambient Humidity 20 to 90% RH (no dewing)
Directivity Forward direction from the sensor hole
Power Supply Voltage 6V DC (AA batteries x 4)
Weight 0.37 lbs. (170g)
Included Accessories 4 x AA batteries, soft case

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