980 Series
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980 Series


Price per Unit (piece): from $ 22.99

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980 IMPACTA Megadora Screwdrivers

The 980 Series "Impacta" is a revolutionalry screwdriver that features a built-in impact driven screw removal function.

Great for:

- Stripped Screws
- Rusted Screws
- Stuck Screws


The proprietary Tang-Thru nut incorporates a cam rotation mechanism, which turns the driving tip counter-clockwise by 12° when the handle is hit with a hammer.


The "Impacta" leverages impact accelleration to remove stuck screws.


Slip-Proof Handle:

When used with oil covered hands, tightening torque is 26% higher with the "Impacta" than with other normal screwdrivers.

Do not use this product to remove screws in materials that could be damaged or distorted, such as aluminum and thin sheet metal.

altThese screwdrivers have Magnetic Tips 
Eco_FriendlyThese screwdrivers are manufactured using recycled resources


Description Description   Quantity Price

980 P2*100 +P2 Cross Point Tip, 100mm Shaft Length $ 22.99

980 P2*150 +P2 Cross Point Tip, 150mm Shaft Length $ 23.99

980 P3*150 +P3 Cross Point Tip, 150mm Shaft Length $ 25.99