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G7 features a LED to help see contaminants

G7 with nozzle hose adapter to reach difficult areas

G7 with versatile brush attachment



The G7R-E is the first of its kind in the Industry to have a built-in LED light for visual confirmation of dust detection. This is an excellent tool for blowing particles off any surface. With very accurate ion balance within ±10V, this unit has a powerful airflow for effective cleaning (up to 87psi) with very quick decay time less than 0.5 seconds (at a distance of 6” using 43.5psi).

A compact and lightweight body (only 0.44 lbs) incorporates an ergonomic grip for maximum comfort. The nozzle of the gun is designed at an optimal angle to help alleviate any burden on the operator’s wrist while pointing to the targeted area for dust removal. The built-in piezoelectric transformer in the handle saves valuable workspace and makes it easier to move from one location to another.

For maintenance, operator can quickly replace electrode needles (G-7H) by using the optional (G-7DR) electrode needle removal tool. Both sides of the grip incorporate an operating LED and high-voltage malfunction LED alarm, which allows the user to check on the gun’s operating status at any time.

This ion gun can be integrated with a robot by purchasing the optional robotic cable transformer (AD24-ITC-E) and is capable of achieving up to 150,000 cycles. Other optional attachments are available for better work efficiency (brushes, nozzle types, shower tube, ect.).


Discharge time: < 0.5 sec. at 6” using 43.5 psi

CE Approved


(Not available for sale in Canada)

G7R-E (115V)-KIT
G7R-E (115V)-KIT
Includes Protective Sleeve, Air Hose, and Fitting


Feature Benefit

Compact Ergonomic Shape Handle
Lightweight plastic body incorporates an ergonomic grip that fits the hand comfortably

  • Shape of the tool helps reduce operator fatigue
  • The nozzle of the gun is set at an optimal angle making it easier for the operator to point to the targeted area for dust removal. This prevents the operator from “bending” their wrist, which results for efficient operation

Very lightweight! (Only 0.44 lbs)
The handle weight has been reduced to less than an astonishing 0.44 lbs through the use of a resin bulb

  • Helps reduce operator fatigue

Unique Built-in LED Light-beam
The first of its kind in the industry!

  • Helps detect dust and debris on work piece
  • Illuminates work area

Very Accurate Ion Balance with +/- 10V
(6” from surface, 43.5 psi, w/standard nozzle)

  • Quick decay time less than 0.5 seconds or less

Powerful Air Flow
(Best operating at: 14.5 ~ 87 psi)

  • Effectively removes particles from work piece at higher air pressure

Built-in Transformer for Safety
Unique built-in micro-miniature piezoelectric transformer in the housing of the tool

No more lugging around external transformer
The new design gives more space on the workbench
Easier to move to different locations

Easy Maintenance
Electrode needles can be easily cleaned and replaced by operator

  • Prevents maintenance downtime
  • Very user-friendly to change part in seconds

LED Warning Lights
Both sides of the grip incorporate an operating LED and high-voltage malfunction alarm LED, allowing the user to check on the gun’s operating status at any time

  • The operator will know immediately if the tool is not operating correctly. This helps to make sure tool is in proper working condition at all time

Optional Nozzle Attachments
Various tip attachments are available for different applications (flared/silent/tube-fitting nozzles)

  • Allows operator to choose applicable nozzle for better work efficiency

CE Approved
Designed and manufactured in compliance with EU standards, all tests are carried out in compliance with the principles of the EMC Directive

  • Ensures operator that they are using high quality tool that carries CE marking


Input Voltage  DC 24V  ±5%
Power Consumption  74mA (typ.) with LED Illuminated
Ion Balance  Within ±10V (43.5psi at 6") [measured values]
Air Pressure  14.5~87psi
Dimensions  4.13" x 5.91" x 1.42"
Weight  0.44 lb
Working Temp. Range  41~104°F / 35~65% RH (no dewing)
Working Humidity Range  32~140°F / 35~85% RH (no dewing)
Decay Time
 ±1000V~±100V, within 0.7sec, 43.5psi/6"
 [measured values]

  Power: Green LED
   HV Alarm: Red LED

Light   LED
Warning Output   High Voltage Alarm (Red LED)
Ion Balance  Within ±10V (43.5psi/6") [measured values]
Materials  Housing, Trigger, Light Switch: ABS Resin (heat-resistan
 Nozzle, Support Material: ABS (with Glass Fiber)
 Needle Pole Electrode: Tungsten
Robotic Cable
AC Adapter
Rated Input Voltqage: 100~240V AC (50~60Hz) 0.4V
Rated Output Voltage: 24V DC 1.75A
DC Input Cable: 8'
AC Output Cable: 6'

G7R-e Dimansions

G7 Performance at 14.5psi

G7 Performance at 43.5psi

G7 Performance at 87psi



G-7SN Standard Nozzle
Standard Nozzle
N-2FN Flared Nozzle

Flared Nozzle
N-2TN Tube Adapter Nozzle

Tube Adapter Nozzle
N-2WN Silent Nozzle
Silent Nozzle
Audible Noise is Reduced 10dB
(down 25% from Flared Nozzle)
 G-7B Brush
Brush (2.37" Bristles)
 G-7SB Soft Brush
Soft Brush (2.37" Bristles)
 G-7H Electrode Needle
Electrode Needle
 G-7DR Electrode Needle Removal Tool
Electrode Tool
 G-7F Inline Micro Air Filter
Micro Inline Air Filter
Removes at least 99% of
particles with a Ø0.01µm
 G-7SC Speed Controller

Speed Controller
 G-7EC Relay Cable
Relay Cable
 AD-24-ITC-E Transformer
Power Transformer

Flyer User's Manual  
G7-E Static Eliminator Ion Gun Flyer G7-E User's Manual  

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