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PR141 - Cable Reel CR1000

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Thursday, 26 October 2006 00:00

CR1000 Reusable Cable Reel with Folding A-Frame Stand

 JDV Products is proud to announce the release of the CR1000 Cable Reel.  It has been designed for ease of use, portability, profitability, and adaptability. The CR1000 Cable Reel has been manufactured with the installer and cable repair technician in mind.

The transportation and storage of drop line and aerial wire from job to job has become an absolute necessity.  The CR1000 Cable Reel has been designed with a durable “A” frame stand.  The A-frame quickly converts into a handle that allows the wire wheel to be easily transported.

The CR1000 Cable Reel is made of a lightweight, weather-resistant material that can be used over and over again.  No more will the end user have to use a cardboard box to transport the wire.   The reel has a similar footprint of the standard 18” plywood standard service wire spool.  It is also very simple to assemble and disassemble once the job is done and the unit stores easily in the back of the work van or line truck.

Unlike other reels, the CR1000 Cable Reel comes with capacity indicators that are marked in percentages on the flanges.  This takes the guesswork out in regards to determining how much wire is left on the reel.  Also, no more will there be unusable wire hanging off the spool.  Once the end user cuts the wire to his or her desired length, they simply wind the unused portion of the wire back onto the spool.  The combination of these two features creates an untold amount of cost savings in materials.  The flanges can be adjusted to accommodate larger wire wheels as well.

For more details about the CR1000 Cable Reel, coax and cable tools, JDV’s complete line of wire wrap/unwrap tools, fiber optic cleavers, patch cords, connectors, and other hand tools, please contact us at:

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