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New JDV Wire Wrap Tools Catalog

PR144 - ReelSaver CR2000

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Tuesday, 16 January 2007 00:00

CR2000 ReelSaver Reusable Cable Spooling System

JDV Products is proud to announce the release of the CR2000 Reel Saver.  With it’s lightweight, weather-resistant, stackable, and reusable design, the CR2000 is the economic solution that you’ve been looking for! 

The CR2000 eliminates disposal fees and packaging waste by minimizing cable loss due to inaccurate measurement of remaining wire quantity.  Unlike other models, the CR2000 helps you save on storage and transportation costs by using a standard coiled wire, which maximizes cube efficiency.  Also, with its unique “stackable” design, this unit frees up valuable workspace.

The CR2000 Reel Saver is very adaptable.  It can handle almost any wire or cable such as arial drop wire 2 pair, station wire (JKT), inside 3 or 4 pair and much more. 

Most importantly, the CR2000 Reel Saver is very user-friendly.  Anyone can easily operate, reload, and install a new cable reel in less than a minute.  Also, it improves safety by eliminating twisted wires for on-site working technicians.

For more details about the CR2000 Reel Saver, CR1000 Cable Reel, coax and cable tools, JDV’s complete line of wire wrap/unwrap tools, fiber optic tools, and other hand tools, please contact us at:


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