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Lightweight • Weatherproof • Durable U-1000 Cable Reels

  • Eco-Friendly
  • Increase Cost Savings
  • Alternative to Wooden Reels
  • Prevents Twisted Wire
  • Wire Management Solution

The U1000 is the perfect Eco-Friendly solution for handling most “coils” of telecom and electrical wire. This unique reusable cable reel helps prevent kinks, twisted wire, and frustration when dispensing the wire. Overall, the U1000 provides a wire management solution for handling and dispensing coils of cable.

Most wire coils with a 6” (152.4mm) diameter should work with the U1000 reel. Please see Spec Sheet or call JDV for more details.  For wire that does not come in a coil, please contact your cable supplier.

Cost Saving Solution:

Why pay more for added material when buying wire on wooden reels or in cardboard boxes? Also, why pay someone to throw away or recycle the empty reels? Overall, the U1000 helps reduce material costs, has no disposal fees, and even lowers transportation costs.

Saves Valuable Space on Vehicles:
You can fit more footage of wire on the service vehicle by using the “Coil-System” verse buying the same wire on bulky wooden reels. This keeps work vehicle more organized and clutter-free.

U-1000 Cable Reel Saves Valuable Spave on Utility Vehicles U-1000 Cable Reel Helps Prevent the Waste of Expensive Cable

U-1000 Cable Reel Loading Step 1 U-1000 Cable Reel Loading Step 2 U-1000 Cable Reel Loading Step 3
In seconds, an operator simply removes outer flange, drops new coil of wire over the 6” diameter hub, screws the flange back onto unit, and now the technician has a great piece of equipment to manage the wire.

U-1000 Cable Reel Flyer

U-1000 Cable Reel Spec Sheet
Spec Sheet

Cable Reel User Manual

User Manual

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